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Higher damages in Argentina

FRIDAY, 7 DECEMBER 2018 Higher damages in Argentina In a guest post, Carlos Castrillo brings news of a positive decision on damages for trade mark owners in [...]

Important trade mark changes proposed in Argentina

Author: Castrillo, Carlos V. Published in: Marques 16/01/2018 Today we bring you a guest post written by MARQUES member Carlos Castrillo: On Thursday 11 January 2018, Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s President, [...]

Movement afoot in the patent scene in Argentina

Published in: The IPkat Kat Friend Carlos Castrillo of Castrillo & Castrillo has brought to our attention a promising development with respect to IP practice in [...]

Ambush Marketing in Argentina

Author: Castrillo, Carlos V. Published in: LA LEY 08/07/2014, 08/07/2014, 4 - LA LEY2014-D, 162 Online: AR/DOC/2236/2014   I. Introduction Given the 2018 Youth Olympics to [...]